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The following are some of the comments and feedback from our students about Lane Cove Taekwondo

I wanted to personally thank Fabian and all the wonderful instructors at LCTWD for all they have done for my son Beau over the past 3 years.. To provide anyone thinking of joining some background, when my son turned 3 we experienced severe tantrums, disrespect and he had zero confidence around crowds. This is when we decided to join your club and did not look back. He learnt respect, discipline, co-ordination and over the years his confidence grew immensely. More importantly, there were no more tantrums. Today we are blessed to have such an amazing son and I contribute a lot of this to the team at Lane Cove Taekwondo. THANK YOU!! I only wish we could find another Lane Cove Taekwondo locally to us in Brisbane who displays the same professionalism

Lane Cove Taekwondo - amazing family experience - A Dad could not be prouder of his family smile emoticon:) What started out being an activity for our 5 year son has become one of the most rewarding famly experiences I could have imaged. After watching the amazing coaching by Mr Peters, Mr Weir and Mr Dearing my wife and 3 children are now all loving the discipline, exercise, friendships and most of all the fun of being part of this amazing club. In Dec 16 for the first time the whole family graded. Keep up the great work Lane Cove Taekwondo smile emoticon:)

Belinda House

Andrew Campbell

I wanted to pop you a message to say thanks for teaching my boys Michael and Angus King.  Watching them at grading last week made me so proud of them.  I think you have a wonderful way with the kids and the way you speak to them is so very respectful, encouraging and motivating.  You have trained a fantastic group of teachers their that seem to carry your positivity. We have really enjoyed the experience of bringing the boys to your classes.  Not only do they look forward to it and enjoy, I feel it has been so good for them.  The skills and strength they learn at Taekwondo carry through to their soccer, their play, their school work and the way they play together at home.

To think what you had a few years ago starting off, to the magnitude of your business is indeed a real credit to you, and something you well deserve. I had no idea it had grown so much, which is also a good sign that you make everyone feel special, regard less of what you have going on. You are forever an inspiration to the boys and an excellent role model of what you can achieve when you work at something you love, and Ryan especially thinks the world of you, so for that I particularly thank you for making a difference in my child's life. You are the best instructor Ryan could wish for, so looking forward to continuing on with you next year

Kate King

Catherine Adams

My little boy (aged 6) has been diagnosed high functioning autism spectrum disorder which means it is a challenge for him to stay focused and on task. I have found Fabian's classes the best therapy to teach him focus and discipline. He loves it. It has really boosted his confidence. I have been so impressed I have joined the adult classes. What a great way to get fit, have fun, train with great people, and de-stress. Highly recommended and thank you to all the support team who are so encouraging. Brilliant! Thank you for all you bring to your students (old and young!)

I would also like to say how impressed I have been from day 1 with how you handle the kids and teach them in a firm but caring manner….the respect you command is outstanding (we may be sending our 3yo to you to teach him a lesson or two)….I haven’t see anyone with quite these teaching abilities in my time and you should be congratulated for the way you conduct your business


Hamish Pearce

What an inspirational Club! 
Our whole family has been training for around 5 years and each of us has benefited. Our 17 year old son has a black belt which will stand him in good stead when he hits the job market as it proves he can be disciplined and committed. Our 15 year old daughter has been training for 4 years and has become a confident, strong young woman. My husband and I are devoted to the Club. It keeps us fit, healthy, agile and we get to give back by helping teach the younger members. It also has a great group of adults who enjoy the odd social outing :)
Great Club Fabian. We LOVE it!

To whom it may concern in the martial arts world. I trained with/under the tutilage of Mr Fabian Peters for a number of years at ATI Joondalup W.A. , in that time he showed great patience with his students. As well as adherance to training programs set by the club, Mr Peters also managed to incorporate his own special techniques and ideas to give training his personal touch. I feel his new school would be an asset to anyone wishing to embark on or improve there Martial Arts and life skills.

Gail Mitchell

Rhett Green 

Incredible club! Staff are super awesome, helpful and very encouraging. Classes are great and always a great vibe and positive atomospehe. Would recommend to anyone looking to try something new!

Shem Lubke

My kids love & enjoy doing Taekwando!

All instructors are amazing~

Kim Mueller

Fabian Peters training helped me achieve great results, his classes were challenging but fun. He trained me for a couple years and it we’ve had some awesome times. He is the nicest guy you’d ever meet, always friendly, always cheery, and i have total respect for him, both myself, my sister Dilber, and my brother Ibrahim who have also trained by him have our thanks :)

Fabian is able to engage people of all ages. No matter the background of his students Mr Peters is able to adapt to individuals and make them feel comfortable and enjoy their martial arts experience. I had the pleasure to teach along side Fabian and he has helped me change the way i teach and train for the better.

Hakan Bayburt

Luis Aguilar 

I have had the pleasure of teaching and training Tae Kwon Do alongside Fabian and can vouch for his dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge towards the sport. He is a committed instructor who is able to teach and engage students no matter their age.

Adin Livnjak

He has always been an energetic and motivated instructor and is able to engage his students in learning the arts from the very young to the very old. I have trained under and taught along side Fabian Peters for quite a few years so i can say for sure that he is a knowledgeable and experienced instructor

Torin Burton 

Jacqui Charlesworth


I started my son and daughter in WK after hearing great reports about it from other parents. I was searching for an activity that would teach my children how to defend themselves, encourage self-discipline and use up excess energy. I also wanted to find a physical activity that they could both do together. My kids love doing their lessons each week and I can see that after a few short months their fitness, self-esteem and focus has noticeably improved. Enrolling my children in WK is one of the best things I’ve done for my overactive children. Better still, to them it is not ‘work’ or ‘exercise’, it’s just having fun.


Marni Leffler

Thank you for the work that you and your team have done with Sam this year. Sam was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis. This meant that his skull had plates that were fused at birth (that shouldn’t close until much later in life) requiring two major neurosurgeries to correct this. One of the things that kids with this condition have is major issues with tone, especially upper body, which also impacts their endurance ability. This condition can also impact their ability to focus behind what you’d see in most kids. We have seen major improvements in all of these areas since Sam started your program. His school have also noticed the same and it came through in his report card. The work you do is having an amazingly positive impact on the community and it is a real credit to you, your leadership style and approach


Carly Wehbe

I’d like to thank you and the team for running an amazing club. Kyle and Amber really enjoy TKD, and whilst they can be a bit emotional from time to time especially recently with my health issues, I honestly believe that they are stronger and more resilient and confident due to their time with you.

Carla Swift


My son just loves your Wombat Kombat. He practices almost every afternoon and I can see his confidence slowly growing……. so thank you



Arran Weir


I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn Tae Kwon Do skills under Fabian. For the last few months it has been a very positive experience for me. In addition to the great physical development, come the mental and emotional benefits from learning Tae Kwon Do. I've benefited hugely from Fabian's patience and knowledge. I recommend Lane Cove Tae Kwon Do to anyone who wants to better themselves and have a positive experience



Colin Luthwood


Mr Fabian Peters is an excellent instructor. His classes are fun, full of energy and technically very good. In this game, it's all about the coach and in my opinion Fabian Peters is one of the best.



Dia Bayburt


I known Mr fabian Peters every sinse when i was at the age of 6 :) He was the bestest instructor i had :) His classes were really good, full of fun, it was more energetic , strong disipline :) I miss them good times. Because of him .. i wouldnt be who i am now :)



Skye Sciberris


I trained with Mr Fabian Peters for about 3 years and it was one of the best training periods I have had. He has coached me to win state and national titles. I use to teach the little 3-6 year olds with Fab and he knew how to connect with the kids of all ages. Love the training love the sparring love the results we achieved together.” Thanks Fab=)



Rob Popiel


Fom my first private lesson with Fabian Peters in 2002 I felt my martial arts journey was in the hands of an intelligent, confident and trustworthy man. Through his guidance I went on to become a third dan black belt and an instructor myself. I highly recommend learning from Fabian Peters.



Damien Merrin


I have had the pleasure of Training with Fabian for more than 15 years. In that time he has proven himself as a Martial Artist as well as a Leader. Fabian is the type of instructor who is full of energy and leads his students by example. A great friend and great Instructor.



Ron Shears


The teenager was lanky and lean, I’d seen him at training, but could not for the life of me remember his name, maybe because every time we sparred he won. So I almost felt like ‘feigning’ when we faced each other. There was no doubt he know his stuff, was crash hot at patterns, and his technique spot on, one of those guys you want to be like one day. Even at Gradings he shone, so I made certain I was NOT near him, as he’d grab all the attention. But after 3 Dan Gradings with him, it was obvious this bloke had what it takes. I’d trained and graded with Fabian for at least 10 years, in those days he was a nipper, with a flashing infectious smile and easy manner. Now all this is not a lotta cop if one wants to teach and pass on your knowledge. I remember when he stood in front of 20 plus students many of equal grade and older. He called out ‘Chalyot’ and that was enough. This lanky guy means biz, so lets go with him, and the students did. He was firm, cracking the odd joke or humours comment, so essential to hold a bunch of students ‘together’ and far from easy. Fab did it with ease, at least that’s how he came across. One sweaty hour later several senior belts congratulated him. It was obvious he ‘knew’ how to teach and inspire students, not an easy matter for any who have tried. Many know the art, not so many can teach and inspire. To all the students standing in line, waiting for Chalyot’; stay with the man all the way to your Dan grading, cos when he says you are ready to grade you are. Then follow him to the other Dan Gradings it will be great journey



Nadine O'Reagan


We heard such good things about Fabien and LCTKD so we gave it a shot. Our son has gained so much confidence, is learning great skills and although it is a disciplined environment he has a ball. Highly recommend.



Asha Pochin


I'm a British ex pat and I joined LCT 18 months ago, just before my little boy turned one. I hadn't quite realised the massive impact having a baby thousands of miles away from home would have on my life and I was exhausted, both physically and mentally. The classes gave me focus, increased my stamina and helped balance emotions. I also developed life saving self defence skills and recently graded for my blue belt! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get super fit, meet friends (new mums and bubs classes have just been introduced) and have lots of fun in the process.



Catherine Borchok


The instructors really care, which is shown by how enthusiastic the kids are to go each week. My 8 yr old has grown in self discipline and confidence. It's the first sport he\'s really loved, and he looks forward to it twice a week.



Allisa Crowe


To hear my shy little guy say at the end of a lesson Taekwondo is amazing, says it all. It has been fantastic for his confidence and he looks forward to his weekly lesson. Instructors are fantastic, caring and want every child to succeed. Children are taught respect, awareness and responsibility. Excellent routines are taught. The school is well run and the Instructors are knowledgable, skillful and attentive. I feel very lucky to have found Lane Cove Taekwondo



Franki Meijer


First of all, amazing thanks for all you have done for Fin so far. He loves it and we have been blown away by the value-based training, support and positive nature of the instructors.



Jodie Roughly


Thanks for all your work, the club goes from strength to strength and I see the benefits in both my kids in many different ways.


Michael Turner


How glad I am that I ignored all the usual excuses and began my TKD journey. It's physical, it's mental and it challenges and benefits me as no sport ever has. The whole team of instructors and students deliver beyond my expectations and it's equally rewarding to enjoy such a community spirit from within.I recommend it whole-heartedly, especially, if you're making excuses.


Katrina Cashman


I began Tae Kwon Do about a year ago initially as a way of helping my son out with his Tae Kwon Do and doing something fun together. It didn't take long to get me hooked and its now my favourite form of exercise! Not only has my fitness improved but I really enjoy the classes. Its hard work and its challenging but its also lot of fun too, and the club has a great community spirit. I would encourage anyone to give it a go! 

Nichole Arscott


I've enjoyed watching my daughter do gym and taekwondo over the years, and I've wished I was as energetic, outgoing, flexible & strong as she is (and as I remember being as a kid).  I wished I was brave enough to have a go or had a place to give it a go where it wouldn't be so embarrassing. 

I thought I couldn't put myself out there, I'd never remember the kicks and boxing drills, or I wouldn't be able to do it right or keep up with the class and I'd look ridiculous.  I'd just have to stick to gyms, where I could stay in shape but wouldn't be particularly skilled or brave or part of something fun I could work my way  up in. It took some persuasion...in the form of Fabian consistently 'gently reminding' all of us parents on the sidelines, that we could (should) try an adult class. Eventually, along with a couple of other parents, I took a trial class...Now I'm a yellow belt two and I really love it! The drills are no problem, the kicks are great fun and nothing is embarrassing in class. Everyone is friendly, non judgmental & patient, they're all there to learn and willing to help. The club's friendly 'family' vibe is really awesome, you are at ease...amongst friends, from your first class! I highly recommend taking the leap!  You will enjoy feeling more fit, flexible, able & strong plus you'll have loads of fun and take pride in the achievement of climbing up belt levels. You'll definitely love being part of the family!!  Go... Quick.. Be brave! 

Lynette Cummins

Thanks again for all of the support and the work you and the team put in, it’s a great school and environment.

Jane Lawrence


Just wanted to let you know how much Darren & I value what Audrey is gaining through TKD - not so much the physical skills (although handy) but the emotional and social. The need to set and work for goals, to see yourself as a learner and leader, to connect with your group...These are the life skills that set you up for success and happiness. 

And strangely enough, the very things a pre teen does not want to hear from a nagging mother...😀

Danya Webb


I love seeing my daughters watch, try, practice, improve and master new taekwondo skills. It's great for their growth mindset as well as for their fitness!

Manjula Ghose

Staff are inspiring ,approachable and responsive.

If you are looking for a way to exhaust your child thru exercises then Lane Cove Taekwondo is the place you need. It is friendly atmosphere. It is trainers who know how to deal with kids. It is learning martial arts in a fun way. Highly recommend!

Thanks for all the effort from you and your team to make TKD so enjoyable for the kids

Michelle Passmore

Artur Gaffanov




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